4 Core Services, 1 Major Focus -- Lexington Community
There was absolutely no stopping Margaret Gray. She had a vision for a place where many seniors and other community residents could come, get nourished, fellowship, and receive the support-helps necessary to improve their quality of life.
As the plan unfurled for the Lexington 4-Life Center, so did the highs and lows. But through it all, she stood steadfast on her dream and through the prayers of many, it all came together.

With the Lexington R-V School District on board, along with Rogers-Lafayette, the foundation was secured for a one-of-a-kind Center that literally caters to Lexington and the surrounding counties regardless of age.
Today, the Lexington 4-Life Center is a conglomeration of the Margaret Gray Center, Lexington R-V Early Childhood Center (Ali’s place), Early Childhood Professions, Rodgers-Lafayette Dental and Health, and a fitness center.

To learn more about Lexington 4-Life Center’s inception, and the journey that brought us to where we are now, watch our video. To find out how to give to the Lexington 4Life Foundation, contact us at 660.259.9019.

Her dream is now our reality.
This is our story.

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